Truck Weigh Bridge – Concrete Weigh Bridge / RCC Weigh Scales

Maxus Global Solution are the suppliers of all types of Concrete Weigh Bridges or Truck Weigh Scales. These weighbridges are very economical for their cost and has long life as compared steel weigh bridge or other types of truck weighing scales. Concrete Platform weighbridges are fast gaining popularity because of numerous advantages they have over the Steel structure weighbridges. Concrete platforms are very economical, extremely rugged, maintenance free, high in performance & have longer life than steel structures. Concrete platform weighbridges are available as pit-type or pitless structures, and can be designed (dimensionally and electronically) as per client requirements.

The Concrete platform/deck is casted at customer site or already casted at our manufacturing unit. After the curing of the RCC, shuttering is removed and the Load cells are aligned and fitted under the platform/deck. Four, six or eight load cells can be installed based on the length of the weigh bridge platform.

Our weighbridge designs have been widely appreciated owing to their ability to weigh vehicles accurately, despite harsh industrial environments in different parts of the country. We offer weighbridges in Concrete & Steel Platforms (Pit-type and Pit-less) that have rugged build quality and are supported with excellent after sales services. Contact us to know more and to help you choose the right type of weighbridge based on your applicable location and use.

Platform Size(m) Capacity(t) Graduation (kgs. No. of Load Cells
7.5 × 3 30/40/50 5/10 4
9 × 3 40/50/60 5/10 4
12 × 3 50/60 5/10 6
15 × 3 50/60 5/10 6
16 × 3 80/100 10/20 6
18 × 3 60/80/100 5/10 6/8
20 × 3 80/100/150/200 5/10/20 6/8
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